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STULZ CyberAir 3 PRO CW series gets a new control system

STULZ CyberAir 3 PRO CW series gets a new controller

In future, controllers that are identical throughout the world will harmonize software support and ensure optimum service reaction times.


Hamburg, 11/03/2024 - On April 1, 2024, STULZ, the Hamburg-based specialist in reliable air conditioning, is replacing its proven C7000 control system with the modern E² controller from its American subsidiary. The switch will first take effect solely for the CyberAir 3 PRO CW series. C7000 controllers will continue to be available for ongoing projects, however. The introduction of the E² microprocessor controller is the first step towards the global unification of STULZ control technology. The phase-out of C7000 controllers in other product series will take place in the near future. The worldwide use of identical control systems will help to unify global software support and ensure optimum service reaction times 24/7.


Compatibility will remain intact

By activating the supervisor function for the CyberAir 3 PRO CW and CyberAir Mini CW product series, products with an E² controller can also communicate with older units with C7000 controller technology without problem, and also use group control functions. The E² is retains the fundamental characteristics of the C7000, but in improved form and with additional new features. These include operation via a touch panel with intuitive interface and object-focused menu structure, as well as flexible configuration options. What’s more, device settings can be transferred quickly and easily between individual E² systems.

The new E² controller ensures high system availability, thanks to redundancy management, standby management with backup operation, and a differentiated warning and alarm system. Where energy management is concerned, features such as energy demand optimization for interconnected systems and the operation of several systems in parallel have also been added. By providing a compact datapoint list of BMS interfaces integrated in the controller and supporting all the relevant protocols of the building services management system, the E² controller also enables problem-free integration in existing open and closed-loop control systems.

In preparation for operation and the features of the new E² controller, relevant webinars are already available on the e-Stulz partner platform, and further webinars and on-site events are also planned.