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Our Sustainability Report

Sustainability - a matter of course

Sustainability is not a trend topic for STULZ. Rather it has always been a matter of course. Now, in response to increasing social awareness of sustainability aspects and legal requirements, we are pleased to announce a significant milestone in our journey toward a sustainable future — the release of our first Sustainability Report. This report presents detailed data and key performance indicators for the fiscal year 2022, disclosing our company's efforts to reduce environmental impacts, promote social justice, and ensure economic stability in terms of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).

The application of the internationally recognized "GRI Standards" ensures comparability of content across industries and time periods, enabling a consistent representation of sustainability activities.

Our first sustainability report

Goal for the coming STULZ sustainability reports is to include all international STULZ production sites.

Our emphasis on transparency and accountability makes the report not only informative but also a testament to our commitment to contribute to a more sustainable world.

STULZ Sustainability Report

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