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Digitalization needs air conditioning – chart a course into the future

Standardized units or customized solutions – where the manufacture of our products is concerned, maximum quality is the highest priority. As a production employee, your everyday work is crucially important to this goal – your work is the foundation for our success. Become part of our team now.

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Work as part of a whole

We have over 120 employees working on the production and quality assurance of our precision air conditioning units and chillers. Quality is our top priority. We want you, so we can keep it that way! Join our team and become part of a whole.

We’re always on the lookout for cool heads with hands-on technical ability.

Enjoy predictable working hours in a 36-hour week bound to a collective bargaining agreement, in a clean, ergonomic work environment with a stable temperature.

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Become part of the STULZ Community and get to know your future colleagues in advance. An exciting and informative glimpse into the world of STULZ awaits.

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Achieving more together – getting started at STULZ

As a growing family-run business, there’s one thing we know for sure: our employees are the key to our success.


We offer you a secure position with exciting work in an international environment. Find out more about our vacant positions now.

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