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STULZ Champions Digital Sustainability

The Hamburg-based air conditioning specialist is now a member of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA)

Membership of the organization will assist STULZ in its targeted development of energy-efficient precision air conditioning solutions, offering a platform for experts to share their specialist knowledge.

STULZ, the Hamburg-based specialist in reliable air conditioning, is now a member of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance. By joining the organization, STULZ is reinforcing its role as a manufacturer of energy-efficient air conditioning solutions for data centers and demanding technical applications. The SDIA was founded as an independent organization in Hamburg in 2019, and campaigns for increased digital sustainability across all sectors. Specifically, the alliance aims to bring together all the key players in the digital sector, to collaborate in developing strategies for a sustainable digital economy.

The SDIA's core values are: a positive environmental impact, fairness, and the promotion of inclusive prosperity. Experts from the individual industry groups present ideas, possibilities, and solutions in different fields of activity. With this strategy, the organization aims to establish a sustainable and future-proof digital sector by 2030.

STULZ will in future sit on the steering committees that focus on emissions and energy consumption. In the working group that focuses on consumption and integration of renewable energies, specialists are looking at issues including how to make electricity generation more sustainable based on the availability of renewable energies. In addition, the working group "Waste heat recovery in data centers" is addressing the possibilities relating to the use of excess heat in data centers and the potential to provide CO2-free heating in new and existing facilities.