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STULZ becomes a member of the German Datacenter Association

The globally operating Hamburg-based company for efficient data center air-conditioning is joining the GDA with immediate effect.

The focus of the new membership is both networking and the professional exchange of ideas and concepts on location issues in the data center industry as well as the topics of availability, sustainability and efficiency.

Hamburg, January 18, 2022 – STULZ, the Hamburg-based specialist for data center air conditioning, is becoming a member of the German Datacenter Association (GDA). In the future, STULZ intends to participate in current topics and events of the association, which was founded in 2018. As an air conditioning manufacturer, the company makes a significant contribution to efficient and environmentally friendly data center operations. STULZ is one of the leading product manufacturers for particularly energy-saving cooling and air conditioning technologies and is keen to share its expertise with local and international data center operators and other association members in the future.

GDA e.V. was founded in 2018 as an interest group for data center operators in Germany and has a broad membership base today. This consists of internationally operating data center operators, providers, colocation providers and leading data center infrastructure specialists. GDA also cooperates with numerous other data center organizations, for example in the Netherlands, France, Norway and Denmark. In addition, GDA offers its members a platform within the data center industry that enables a qualified exchange on current technology and market trends.

Mirko Hoffmann, Sales Manager Germany at STULZ GmbH welcomes the new partnership:"We live in a time in which the data center industry is developing as fast as never before. Infrastructure technologies, data center concepts and architecture models are now subject to extremely rapid change. This requires a flexible, efficient and, last but not least, sustainable air conditioning strategy, since reliable data center operations cannot be realized without air conditioning. This applies both within classic data centers and increasingly for smaller IT installations in the edge environment or in the area of shelter cooling. I am looking forward to interesting discussions and a vivid professional exchange." Anna Klaft, CEO of GDA, adds, "A sustainable climate control strategy is one of the decisive factors for future-proof data center operations. We are therefore very pleased about the premium partnership with one of the leading air conditioning experts for data centers."