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Customised maintenance

The STULZ range of services offers service contracts individually tailored to your requirements: remedial maintenance, system checks, servicing, preventive maintenance – you determine how extensive you want your service package to be.

Types of Maintenance

Regulatory Maintenance

The purpose of regulatory maintenance is to carry out all maintenance and inspection operations, with the frequencies or periodicity established by the legal regulations in force.

Preventive Maintenance

Systematic intervention of the equipment or systems even if they have not shown signs of error or failure.
A set of ordered actions will be carried out and immersed in the "tailor-made" Maintenance Plan in order to achieve the correct operation and maximum duration of the installations and equipment, as well as to achieve the best energy performance and environmental protection.

Conductive Maintenance

This includes the daily control of the installations, according to the planned schedules, dedicating the surveillance, control and handling necessary for their correct operation with the personnel permanently stationed at the installations.

Predictive Maintenance

This consists of the periodic and constant analysis of the state of the installations and equipment to be maintained in order to predict and avoid possible breakdowns and errors before they occur, formulating the relevant reports.

By means of the preparation of these reports and the study of various variables such as energy consumption, temperatures, leaks, etc., if necessary, all appropriate modifications will be proposed to achieve better planning in order to prevent any type of incident and thus avoid unforeseen stoppages in the installations.

Corrective maintenance and 24 hour service

Technical tasks aimed at repairing or replacing equipment that has broken down. 

It includes the urgent attention of all those breakdowns that may occur in the installations. STULZ has a 24-hour emergency service with a response time of less than 4 hours, operating 365 days a year.