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Comfort air-conditioning

Comfort air-conditioning

STULZ AUSTRIA is the exclusive official general agent for MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES in Austria. Our supply portfolio also includes products from S-Klima, a brand of our parent company STULZ GmbH in Hamburg.

Whether your requirements are simple or complex, STULZ AUSTRIA can support you with suitable air-conditioning and humidification systems. Working with you, we can deliver a good climate – wherever people are working, living or spending time and wherever goods are being produced or stored.

Our customers are refrigeration and air-conditioning specialists (see STULZ AUSTRIA sales partners below), planners and architects from all over Austria. We are the exclusive official general agent for technology leader Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In this capacity, we are committed to the delivery of partnership-based support.

We provide high-quality mono and multisplit comfort air-conditioners as well as VRF systems from MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES in various power ratings. In addition to direct expansion systems, our product range also includes heat pumps, chillers and recirculating air-cooling units from S-Klima. These products are complemented by STULZ humidification systems, compact ventilation systems, hot water production with CO2 refrigerant and systems for the air-conditioning of plant rooms as well as the modern open-loop and feedback control systems developed by S-Klima.

This makes our air-conditioning systems even more economical, comfortable and safe to operate – for example with the CompTrol series of hardware and software. By way of example, using remote diagnosis, continuous remote monitoring makes it possible to detect faults at an early stage. The modular series offers a suitable system for every task, from local stand-alone solutions to integration into existing building management systems.

For detailed information about the products made by MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES and S-Klima, please visit our website

S-Klima is a brand of our parent company STULZ GmbH in Hamburg.

STULZ AUSTRIA sales partner in Austria for comfort air-conditioning:

Franye Klimatechnik GmbH

Augasse 15

7202 Bad Sauerbrunn

zur Website

Ernst Winninger GmbH

Handelsstrasse 10

4844 Regau

zur Website

Herold Klima- und Kälteanlagen GmbH

Nockhofweg 39

6162 Mutters

zur Website

Luftraum Klima Lüftung Alternativenergien GmbH

Liebenauer Hauptstraße 41

8041 Graz

zur Website

KSM Kälte & Klimatechnik GmbH

Obstweg 4

8073 Neupirka bei Graz

zur Website

Hasenbichler GmbH

Wallpachstraße 301

5440 Golling

zur Website


Räterweg 2

6800 Feldkirch

zur Website

M-TEC Kältetechnik GmbH

Hintere Zeile 8

4120 Neufelden

zur Website

TK-Klimatechnik e.U.

Suttnerstraße 23

4030 Linz

zur Website

Nemec Kälte-/Klimatechnik

Rusterstraße 8c/1

7000 Eisenstadt

zur Website

Please get in touch with us if you are a refrigeration and air conditioning specialist interested in a sales partnership.