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Test Center Mexico

With more than 20 years in the market as a world leader in technology for IT air conditioning solutions, STULZ Mexico has its own technical testing center in the country.

Get to know our Mexico Test Center designed to measure the performance of precision air conditioning units.

Here we carry out tests assisted by technicians specialized in air conditioning solutions.

The tests carried out measure different operating variables of the equipment. This is based on validating the design conditions that our clients need.

Tests according to your specifications

Tests according to your specifications

In our Test Center we can test air-cooled direct expansion units from 3 tons of refrigeration to 30 tons of capacity, checking variables such as:

  • Air flow
  • Thermal Load Abatement
  • Temperature and
  • Humidity

The equipment starts operating at the maximum design capacity in order to validate that we can reduce 100% of the capacity for which it was designed.

Units can be tested and optimized, even during the design and development phase, taking into account different temperature conditions, possible security breaches and parameters to check current and actual performance capabilities, and energy and water consumption.

Room 1: Designed to lodge the Evaporator unit

Here we put our 100% resistive thermal load to simulate the heat radiated by the computer equipment.

Room 2: Designed to lodge the Condenser

Here we raise the temperature, guaranteeing that the condenser will operate in any extreme condition.

Advantages created for our customers

  • Offers certainty that you are choosing the right air conditioning system
  • Offers certainty in the calculation of operating costs
  • Simulation of different operating states
  • Simulation of part load conditions during precision air conditioning operation

Test Center Technical Specifications

  • Surface 12m².
  • Ability to perform tests on air-cooled direct expansion systems.
  • Parameterization and monitoring software.
  • Design flow 37.000 m³/h.
  • Thermal load up to 150 KW.
  • Functional test that simulates security breaches.