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STULZ Digital Solutions GmbH introduces system for monitoring data centers

CyberHub ECO.DC

STULZ CyberHub ECO.DC monitors server rooms and collects temperature data and other important sensor parameters. If required, temperature and pressure profiles can also be displayed as a colorful map in a 3D environment.

Hünstetten-Wallbach, 2017/08/14 – STULZ Digital Solutions GmbH is the product of a joint venture between STULZ GmbH and Digitronic Automationsanlagen GmbH, a company specializing in software development and control systems. With the all-encompassing CyberHub ECO.DC monitoring system, STULZ Digital Solutions GmbH now presents brand new software for monitoring data centers and server rooms.

CyberHub ECO.DC increases transparency in every IT environment, flags up areas for potential savings and optimization, and also improves the system's operational reliability. Its integrated functions include 3D room planning and temperature profile maps, alarm management with integrated escalation management, individual status reports, and a freely definable dashboard. Air conditioning systems, temperature and pressure sensors, UPS systems, PDUs and any other desired data points can be incorporated in the system via the user-friendly operator interface. CyberHub ECO.DC already has built-in compatibility with protocols common in industry and typical in BMS, such as Modbus, M­Bus and SNMP. In addition, existing systems can be linked to CyberHub ECO.DC via an interface.

One of the primary objectives in the development of CyberHub ECO.DC was to make it highly relevant to the everyday work of facility managers, data center managers and air conditioning specialists. It’s extremely simple implementation and clearly set out software interface therefore set it apart from conventional monitoring solutions. The owner can install and set up CyberHub ECO.DC on his/her own in just a few hours – but help with implementation and planning is available if required from an expert team of engineers from STULZ Digital Solutions GmbH.

CyberHub ECO.DC is available now in two versions: as a fully autonomous local server (VM compatible), or as a globally available SaaS service from the cloud. The online solution is hosted in Germany and conforms to German data protection regulations. Communication between the base server and the customer interface is encrypted for additional protection. Moreover, the monitoring solution satisfies all the prerequisites for certification to DIN 50001, and is on the BAFA (German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control) list of energy management software products that are eligible for funding.

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