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Welcome to the STULZ Test Centers

As a global technology leader for IT cooling solutions, STULZ has its own professional test centers at multiple locations worldwide. Finely tuned development tools ensure all relevant steps from the rough concept to the finished precision cooling system. Whether development, prototyping, accompanying tests or production - the STULZ Test Centers enable rapid assistance at all times to keep your systems running as efficiently and reliably as possible.

Exact climate control anywhere in the world

  • Precision

    Ensure equipment reliability and quality using country-specific test scenarios to optimize energy efficiency, profitability, and operating costs
  • Variability

    Versatility in testing different types and configurations of devices - huge air flows and large cooling capacities can be tested
  • Safety

    Certainty in choosing the right air conditioning system through stepless adjustment for a wide range of temperatures and frequencies
  • Real time

    Live streaming system that allows you to broadcast in real time from anywhere in the world without having to physically attend the exam

Our experience is your advantage

In order to constantly improve the technology of our equipment, STULZ Test Centers are used for targeted research and development. Computer-controlled, technical measurement checks of climatization concepts are the focus here, in order to always develop an efficient and maximally good system. Solutions can be checked and optimized as early as the design and development phase: Comprehensive test runs under a wide range of conditions show the actual performance of the system and components. This allows potential problems to be identified at an early stage and optimally rectified.

Test your customized equipment according to your individual technical specifications and benefit from our many years of comprehensive knowledge. Do you need a system that does not yet exist? Then we are able to develop and realize it together with you within the shortest possible time.

Just get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you!