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How do I get an Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM) for my unit?

Current model manuals are available on the Downloads page.  If you have an older model or are having difficulty determining which manual is appropriate, STULZ technical support can help. The unit serial number is the most important piece of information required.

Contact STULZ Technical Support via email and provide the serial number and we will email the IOM.

How do I get a wiring diagram for my unit?

Contact Product Support via email with the serial number of the unit and an electronic copy of the "As built" electrical wiring schematic will be sent.

Who do I call for service of my STULZ equipment? Warranty? Out of Warranty?

Any service related issue begins with a call (888-529-1266) to the STULZ technical support department. Technical support can determine the warranty status, take appropriate action and see the issue to resolution.

How does the E2 Controller wire to the building fire panel?

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What does "pCOe" disconnected" alarm mean? What causes it?

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How does the E2 integrate to the BMS (Building Management System)?

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How do I troubleshoot an EC Fan motor?

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