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STULZ USA designs, manufactures and supports our product and service portfolio to the North American market. Through continuous and close consultation with all stakeholders, our innovative cooling solutions are constantly optimized and further adapted to the needs of global and local markets and customers. We identify new trends and develop solutions based on existing or completely new platforms, accompanying STULZ customers throughout the product life cycle. Whether you want standardized units or customized solutions, high quality standards and stringent testing requirements are at the forefront - you can rely on that.


As a manufacturer and service provider in the field of cooling technology, we have set ourselves the goal of being the world's leading solution provider for energy-efficient temperature and humidity management technology.

Therefore, our cooling solutions are consistently developed with the aim of being the best in the TCO comparison on the one hand and having the smallest CO2 footprint on the other.

At STULZ, quality is not just a word, it’s a deep conviction.

When developing new products, the company attaches maximum importance to high quality and a perfect combination of cooling components at the highest level.

By carrying out a wide range of test scenarios, such as the FAT, the STULZ Test Centers ensure that all product requirements and specifications are met worldwide. Benefit from our premium product range and excellent performance, and experience our expertise and quality for yourself.

Each individual solution and component from STULZ is selected and developed with the aim of reducing operating costs and the CO2 footprint to a minimum.

Through continuous research, development and adaptations, the company strives to ensure that all our products and systems set the benchmark for energy efficiency and future-proof sustainability.

Our portfolio ranges from classic room cooling and high-density cooling to chillers, air handlers and humidification systems, micro data centers, services, and a proprietary monitoring software.

To our Products

Through customized cooling systems, STULZ aims to cut both operating costs and CO2 emissions, all the way from design and production to delivery.

In addition, we are gradually converting all our air conditioning units to operate with environmentally friendly refrigerants. So, together with you, STULZ is making an important contribution to climate protection, for a sustainable future.

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Climate. Customized. You have the requirements, STULZ has the solution

STULZ customers always receive individual consulting that is tailored to your individual application. From standard equipment to completely customized solutions - being able to offer this range to customers embodies our philosophy of "Climate. Customized." The aim is to implement customer requirements in the best possible way in order to create sustainable, perfectly suited climate solutions that are equally powerful, reliable and efficient.

  • Location
  • Room planning
  • Local climate
  • Environmental protection
  • Noise protection
  • Heat production
  • Security
  • Integration and connectivity
  • In-house engineering
  • In-house software development

1. STULZ standard units

Our portfolio offers an extensive range of thoughfully engineered products that fit many customer applications. 




2. STULZ standard units with special options

If our standardized solutions are not sufficient, our in-house design and development departments can implement special options to further customize the standard unit.



3. STULZ customized solutions

STULZ has the solution! If you have special requirements that cannot be met by the STULZ portfolio, your cooling solution will be individually planned, implemented and continuously supported. Ideally, the system and air conditioning solution are developed hand in hand, so that all performance features interact perfectly right from the start.

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