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At STULZ, we have evolved from an innovative family business into a modern global player. Throughout this process, our history has been an important part of our DNA - customer focus, entrepreneurial spirit and technological expertise have made STULZ a pioneer in precision cooling and humidity control technology. With over 50 years of experience - in the cooling of mission-critical applications, in particular - we are the perfect partner by your side. We offer you not only processional consulting and air conditioning technology at the very highest level, but also customized service and a strong global partner.

The early years
Boom in the IT sector
Continuous developments
Our future and our mission

The first STULZ product was sold back in 1947 with the slogan "Piccolo helps the housewife". Even back then, the Piccolo was an indication of the company's innovative strength and engineering skills, as it was used as a vacuum cleaner, floor polisher and food processor. At that time, the company was called "Electro AS GmbH Hamburg", under the management of the then founder Albert Stulz.
Just 6 years later, STULZ launched its first own climate control unit, a comfort air conditioner that cooled and dehumidified rooms.

The IT cooling market was founded with the first mainframe computer system from IBM in 1970. Due to the subsequent boom in computer technology, STULZ quickly specialized in precision air conditioning. The requirements for these air conditioning units were both to create a productive working environment for employees and to cool the equipment sufficiently.

In 1977, STULZ launched modular precision air conditioning systems - a ground-breaking innovation that established the company's international reputation as an air conditioning specialist for data centers and mobile phone stations.

With the construction of data centers in the 1980s and 1990s, the importance of raised floor recirculating air conditioning increased. The concept of Free Cooling emerged due to increased environmental and climate awareness. The expansion of the mobile communications network was also a driving force for the further development of STULZ products.

Following years of research and development into materials, systems and processes, STULZ launched the CyberAir 1 in 2003. It was the first precision air conditioning unit in the world to be equipped with high-efficiency EC fans as standard. Added to this was the newly developed Free Cooling system, which ensured the CyberAir 1 achieved further energy savings in operation. The awareness that compressors are the major energy consumers of precision air conditioning units prompted further research, until STULZ was able to launch an air conditioning system that almost completely eliminates the use of compressors and operates almost exclusively through Free Cooling and the use of filter boxes. In addition to conventional HVAC systems and side coolers, the STULZ product portfolio therefore also includes air conditioners for indoor installation and containerized solutions.

STULZ is continuously developing new technologies, especially with a view to increased energy efficiency, reduced CO2 and the use of alternative refrigerants.

STULZ is aware of its responsibility to act sustainably. With our air conditioning solutions, whether standardized or customized, resources can therefore be saved consistently and economically over the long term.

STULZ is your contact in the field of refrigeration technology, especially for mission-critical applications, and will continue to support you with your individual requirements in the years to come.

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