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Paragon CC Data Centre Bristol

  • STULZ CyberRow DX

  • Decommissioning and removal of legacy equipment

  • Full bespoke installation

  • N+1 Resilience

  • To provide air conditioning for an IT/Server room

  • Energy efficient solution

The Customer

Paragon Customer Communications is an award winning, global communications company, helping businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences via print and digital channels. Their production environments set new industry standards for governance, security and integrity; with their continuous investment and lean approaches ensuring quality and innovation are delivered at the very best value. They provide unrivalled expertise and market leading solutions for industries where one-to-one customer communication is vital to their business, including the Financial Services, Telecoms, Utilities, Retail, Government and Charity sectors. Paragon Customer Communications’ UK operation has a turnover of around £165m.

The challenge
Our solution
The result
Our product

STULZ initially completed a project for Paragon CC’s Head of Lean Continuous Improvement at the Paragon CC Dagenham site. Dagenham is a printing business, both physical and digital printing. The project involved the implementation of cooling equipment in a huge facility predominately involved in high tech digital printing for the banking and finance industry. One successful project often leads to another, so the STULZ team were asked to another Paragon CC site in Bristol, again looking to make improvements to their facility.



This facility is also a printing application in a large warehouse factory environment and where they hold their data center/IT Room (in a room within a room). The facilities management team were experiencing problems from heat generated by equipment in the IT room.

The STULZ Sales Manager is accredited in data center design and build and was able to quickly understand the issues and what application was needed to solve them. A solution was put forward using the STULZ CyberRow units. CyberRow is a rack cooling system for small, medium data centers that can also provide targeted spot cooling solution for large data centers. The row based design allows the CyberRow units to be placed close to the heat load, allowing data centers owners to manage thermal loads most efficiently. 

STULZ CyberRow rack cooling can be configured with a front discharge for data centers using hot aisle or cold aisle containment, or with a side discharge for open aisle configurations. The units can be installed in the middle or end of a row and will work on either a raised floor or slab.

The units sit in a small IT room within a hot and cold aisle configuration in order to cool the active equipment housed in the racks to the appropriate level.  The STULZ Team had to adapt the complex layout of the racks and the legacy equipment that was no longer required, to bring the room to the appropriate conditions.  This also included the removal of the legacy CRAC and condenser units.


STULZ then installed three CyberRow units complete with external condensers which made a huge improvement to the targeted cooling within the data center. Providing a 19” server rack also to create the best optimal conditions within the cold aisle was critical. After consultation an order was secured to provide a full turnkey installation of STULZ CyberRow DX units.

STULZ CyberRow

In the CyberRow, in-line air conditioning unit, innovative horizontal air conduction has been enhanced with state-of-the-art technology that works with power, flexibility and efficiency – directly at the rack. Fluctuating server rack loads, space restrictions, lack of a raised floor, existing high-density server technology – these are exactly the cases from server rack cooling practice for which CyberRow was developed.


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