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Too much energy for cool computers

Half disappears into thin air

Data centers run 365 days a year. Their tightly packed server racks generate ever increasing computing power in an ever decreasing area – power that is almost entirely converted into heat. Climate control ensures reliable operation. It conveys heat outside right away. But then, the air conditioning in data centers devours a huge amount of electricity. In the worst cases, it uses more than half of the energy supplied to the data center.

Energy efficiency in optimizing, building and operating

Whether you are building a new data center or optimizing or running an existing one – choose energy-efficient air conditioning from STULZ. With expert advice, intelligent products and lasting service, we will be there for you throughout the life of your air-conditioning system.

Save electricity, increase performance

Gain room for manoeuvre in the management of your operating costs. Our energy-efficient precision air-conditioning systems cut the power consumption of your data center by up to 40 %. Save on electricity bills. 

Computing produces heat

Computers convert almost all the energy supplied to them into heat. The greater their performance, the more heat they emit. Only a small proportion is used for the actual work of computing. As computers in the cold aisle work reliably and best at temperatures from 18 °C to max. 27 °C, they have to be cooled. The more efficient this cooling, the less energy the data centre consumes.

Each kilowatt counts 8760 times

Modern data centres are in operation year in year out for 8760 hours – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Therefore, every saved kilowatt has a huge impact on savings. At a price of 13 eurocents per kilowatt-hour, every kilowatt that is cut equates to savings of 1,138 euros a year.

Cut CO2 emissions – and save hard cash

Air conditioning a data centre in Berlin with a surface area of 300 square metres and a thermal load of 1 kilowatt per square metre costs just 40,757 euros a year with a Free Cooling system, as opposed to 87,737 euros a year with compressor cooling only. This is equivalent to savings of 46,980 euros and 202,013 kg of CO2 per year*.

* Source: STULZ comparison of system costs, basis for calculation 13 ct/kWh, CO2-Emission factor: German electricity mix 2012

Plus 40 % power reserve

With this computing power, modern precision air-conditioning systems lower the energy consumption required for cooling computers by up to 40 %.