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Thrifty in operation

Thrifty in operation

STULZ Service: Look ahead with an Energy Audit

With its intelligent service, STULZ ensures that you remain energy efficient on a permanent basis. The STULZ Energy Audit regularly checks the energy performance of your precision air-conditioning system. If measured values deviate from the setpoints, your air-conditioning system is recalibrated. If the cooling capacity is no longer sufficient, STULZ Service identifies the causes and makes suggestions for a system upgrade. As a competent partner for IT and facility management, we are at your side as you tackle these tasks.

A living IT landscape

During operation, the climate is constantly in motion. Like any technical system, air-conditioning systems in data centres need regular maintenance. When individual computers or racks are enhanced, converted or replaced by higher-powered equipment, this can become critical. For each new heat source changes the thermal load distribution, each new piece of hardware can force the flows of hot and cold air out of balance.

Management of air conduction

A new rack installed here, an old server taken out there – empty slide-in units  in the server rack bring a state of confusion to the passage of air between cold and hot aisles. The cooled air does not flow through the server, but through unoccupied height units in the rack, leading to short circuits in the air. Therefore, you should always seal empty slide-in units with cover panels

Distribute power evenly

Plan the occupancy of your server racks meticulously. The more evenly the processor power is distributed over the room area, the more effective air conditioning will be. The best results are achieved when IT and facility management work closely together.

Lay cables tidily

Every new computer wants to be connected. The result is a colourful tangle of wiring harnesses. These block the flow of air in the raised floor. STULZ assists you by offering suggestions for systematic cable management.

Climate map with thermographic imaging

A thermographic image visualises the hot and cold zones in the data centre, as on a weather map. This provides you with an early warning system of conditions in the air-conditioning system that  may increase consumption.