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STULZ presents water-cooled chillers for performance-critical applications

water-cooled chiller STULZ Explorer WSW

The STULZ Explorer WSW for indoor installation offers cooling capacities ranging from 230 to 1,530 kW combined with a small footprint. Its application area extends from industrial and process cooling through IT and telecommunications to chilling for the hospitality sector and commercial buildings. 

Hamburg, 2016/7/26 – With the Explorer WSW STULZ offers a water-cooled chiller for a wide range of performance-critical applications. This flexible chiller can be easily adjusted to different heat loads thanks to its two refrigerant circuits with semi-hermetic screw compressors and infinitely variable output sliders. Its application areas range from industrial cooling through data centers and telecommunications to chilling for the hospitality sector and commercial buildings. Depending on the required cooling capacity, the chillers in the STULZ Explorer series can be equipped with either one (230 to 430 kW) or two compressors (460 to 1,530 kW). The chillers feature shell & tube condensers and can be set to operate at different temperature levels, for example with well water, cooling towers or external recooling heat exchangers. The evaporation process in the refrigerant circuit is controlled by electronic expansion valves, which use pressure sensors, temperature sensors and the STULZ C2020 controller to optimize heat exchange between the refrigerant and chilled water in the evaporator. 

When developing the Explorer product range, the priorities included a compact, corrosion-resistant design as well as low noise emissions. A low-noise version is also available for especially noise-critical applications. Extra acoustic insulation here allows the sound power level as per ISO 3744 to be reduced further by up to 10 dB. Thanks to its versatility in terms of applications, the STULZ Explorer WSW also impresses with high efficiency in partial load mode. Depending on the service conditions, it can offer ESEER values of 5 and higher. In line with its wide range of applications, the STULZ Explorer series also offers a variety of options such as automatic transfer switch, an energy meter for measuring total power consumption, soft start and anti-vibration mounts.

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water-cooled chiller STULZ Explorer WSW