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Chiller using R-1234ze refrigerant now available in the output range 300 - 1000 kW

STULZ GmbH is extending its product portfolio to include new "ze chillers" in the CyberCool 2 series. These employ proven CyberCool 2 technology and have been specially optimized for use with climate-friendly HFO-1234ze refrigerant.

Hamburg, 1/31/2018 – Hamburg-based STULZ GmbH is expanding its product portfolio with additional "ze chillers" in the CyberCool 2 series. These new chillers are available in air-cooled versions and are designed for use with climate-friendly R-1234ze refrigerant. This HFO blend has a very low global warming potential and, in the context of (EU) regulation no. 517/2014 and the concomitant refrigerant shortage, is a future-proof and efficient alternative to conventional HFC-based refrigerants. STULZ CyberCool 2 ze chillers are available in various output capacities from 300 to 1000 kW and offer reliable and efficient cooling solutions for medium and large data centers, telecommunications and industrial applications.

Like the CyberCool 2 chillers that were introduced in 2013, the ze series is also equipped with the largest possible EC fans and sound-insulated compressor chambers to reduce noise emissions. Thanks to the dynamic control technology developed by STULZ, the CyberCool 2 also supports indirect free cooling. This intelligent way of changing over between compressor operation and indirect free cooling facilitates particularly resource-saving operation coupled with maximum energy efficiency. STULZ’s Mix Mode Boost technology can also use the entire surface of DX coils without needing to regulate the fan speed, which further increases energy efficiency and significantly reduces operating costs. Microchannel condensers constructed entirely of aluminum and equipped with air baffles also optimize flow into the inner coil elements. These STULZ CyberCool 2 ze series chillers are available now. Alternatives to conventional refrigerants are currently being tested.

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