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Energy-saving technology

Energy-saving technology

Low consumption over large areas

Large data centres are cooled by the low-consumption STULZ CyberAir® air-conditioning system with DFC. The DFC (=Dynamic Free Cooling) automatic air-conditioning system controls the output of the cooling fans in the blink of an eye, and switches to economical Free Cooling when weather conditions cool down. In this operating mode, the refrigerant in the system is cooled further with ambient air. Energyintensive compressor cooling (DX) is only switched on when absolutely necessary.

Free Cooling instead of compressor

In data centres with a thermal load of approx. 800 kilowatts or more, cooling the circulating air with water is a viable option. The cooling circuit is fed by an external chiller. Liquid cooling systems supplemented by economical Free Cooling are particularly energy efficient. Their investment payback times vary depending on climatic conditions at the site in question. Your STULZ expert adviser will carry out cost-efficiency calculations to help you with your decision.

Chilled water for efficient hotspot cooling

In combination with liquid cooled server racks, STULZ CyberCool produces chilled water for the direct cooling of high heat-density server racks.

Direct Free Cooling

Thanks to our many years of experience with precision airconditioning solutions, we have succeeded in optimising all components for Direct Free Cooling, ensuring compliance with specified data centre temperature tolerances as per ASHRAE TC 9.9 – 2011. With Direct Free Cooling, filtered ambient air below 18 °C is used to keep the data centre cool. This brings huge potential savings.

Energy efficiency pays

In view of rising energy prices, the investment in a STULZ precision airconditioning system with energy-saving technology pays for itself in just a few years.

Fans with EC technology

Electronically controlled EC fans run particularly efficiently in partial load mode. They respond steplessly to changing power requirements and deliver precisely the air flow that is currently needed.

Thrifty Indirect Free Cooling

Precision air-conditioning systems with Indirect Free Cooling make additional use of ambient air for cooling the room. By means of a heat exchanger, cold  ambient air keeps the refrigerant cool.