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CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol²: STULZ offers Non-Glycol option for CyberCool 2 chiller

CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol²

CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol² – excellence in efficiency

The CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol² was entered as an innovative and environmentally friendly chilling concept in the Data Center Air Conditioning & Cooling category of the German Data Center Awards.

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Description of project:
With the "CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol²" (2 plate heat exchangers, terminal temperature difference 2 K), STULZ has significantly reduced the pressure drops inherent in conventional non-glycol systems. In combination with the new "Mix Mode Boost" technology from STULZ, the Free Cooling range is extended by up to 20 %. In addition, "Mix Mode Boost" reduces the nominal current of the compressor still further, making it more efficient.

Customers these days want to save energy costs, use Free Cooling and in the process, dispense with critical substances in the data center. Using the "CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol²" outside the building keeps the enclosed glycol circuit outside the sensitive area. In one sentence: Minimize the energy drawback of conventional systems whilst reducing running costs.

STULZ has developed a system which neutralizes the drawbacks of all comparable systems. In addition, the variety of options and flexibility of the "CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol²" make the product outstandingly adaptable to the project in question. The unique high return temperatures of up to 35 °C ensure maximum Free Cooling capacity and running time.

Added value:
Return temperatures of up to 35 °C result in above-average maximization of Free Cooling usage, making it top of its class for energy. In addition, the technical design allows earlier switching points and fewer pressure drops than any of the comparable systems available on the market. The Free Cooling period is extended by another 20 % approximately, reducing the electricity bill.


Why should this project win the award?

  • Incomparable return temperatures of up to 35 °C ensure maximum Free Cooling times and capacities.
  • Use "QUICK START", the capacity limiting system to prevent current spikes and a second power supply to satisfy data center requirements.
  • The innovative "MIX MODE BOOST" increases efficiency in mix mode and reduces the nominal current of the compressor to a minimum without additional consumption of resources such as water, for example.
  • CyberCool 2 Non-Glycol² - the customized solution with minimized CO2 footprint Climate. Customized. Made in Germany.

Press release

High-efficiency chiller meets requirements for refrigerant-free buildings

STULZ GmbH is adding a Non-Glycol option to its CyberCool 2 family portfolio. This allows the high-efficiency chiller to also be used in buildings that have stringent requirements regarding their facility management and must refrain from the use of glycol.

Hamburg, 3/7/2017 – STULZ, the Hamburg air conditioning specialist has added a Non-Glycol option to its tried and tested CyberCool 2 chiller. The specially adapted design enables data centers to be chilled entirely with water, and glycol-based brine is used solely in the external Free Cooling circuit of the chiller. As this new technology means that no glycol gets into the building, even the most exacting facility management requirements can be satisfied.

The Free Cooling and chilled water circuits are separated by an additional brazed plate heat exchanger in the chiller. This shifts the switchover points for Free Cooling and Mixed mode by a few degrees. The system layout with two brazed plate heat exchangers for the water inlet and water outlet circuits achieves a minimal terminal temperature difference of 2K and therefore suffers considerably smaller temperature losses than conventional non-glycol systems.

Moreover, thanks to the new Mix Mode Boost technology and maximum return temperatures of up to 35° Celsius, the Free Cooling period can be increased by up to 20 %, dramatically reducing electricity costs. This solution provides data center operators who wish to go glycol free with an efficient alternative that uses Free Cooling for long periods.


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