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Mise à l'épreuve des technologies de refroidissement et de climatisation

Welcome to the STULZ Test Center – Advantages for you

  • Regular calibrations of the measuring equipment by independent calibration service providers
  • Certainty in the calculation of running costs
  • Country-specific test scenarios
  • Infinite adjustment of common voltages and frequencies
  • Graphical evaluation of measurement results with calibration certificates
  • Simulation of different operating states
  • Simulation of partial load conditions during precision air conditioning operation
  • Certainty that you're choosing the right air conditioning system
  • Test of STULZ air conditioning systems and external units
  • Two precision air conditioning units can be tested in one day
  • Two top-equipped climate chambers
  • Sound measurements to ISO 9614
  • Standard witness test or test according to 17025 (also available online)

Tests to your specifications – for stringent performance testing

STULZ boasts its own Test Center in Hamburg, in order to satisfy all future requirements facing precision air conditioning. Here, we perform extensive computer-aided technical tests on air conditioning solutions. At a central location, systems can be tested and optimized even during the design and development phase. Comprehensive test runs under a great variety of conditions demonstrate the actual performance capabilities of systems and components. What's more, we determine the expected running costs and make them available to you wherever you are in our STULZ Select database. In the sealed bay, our test bench engineers offer three services based on DIN EN 14511. Firstly, the witness test, which enables customers to simulate their precision air conditioning unit or system under a variety of different operating conditions. Secondly, internal prototype tests, which involve the extensive testing of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and the control technology of a precision air conditioning unit or chiller during the development process. And thirdly tests according to ISO 17025 with or withour declaration of conformity.

Experience, a high proportion of in-house development, and computer-aided engineering

All the relevant steps, from the rough draft to the finished precision air conditioning system, are supported by finely tuned development tools. Development, prototyping, ongoing tests and production all take place in one location, enabling speedy intervention at any time.

The result is a sophisticated system that satisfies the most exacting quality requirements.

Tests in compliance with international standards ensure optimum acceptance

Our test equipment is calibrated annually by independent German calibration services/calibration institutes. Our Test Center meets all the required regulations. It goes without saying that all tests are conducted impartially and in confidence.

  • Tests according to ISO 17025 incl. declarations of conformity
  • Performance measurements according to EN 14511 
  • ISO 9614 – Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound intensity measurements

Live and up close – at the STULZ Test Center in Hamburg

Thanks to our two large climatic test chambers, parallel measurements can be performed on two precision air conditioners per chamber or for one chiller in chamber I and one precision air conditioner in chamber II. For both climatic chambers, around 700 kW is available for chilled water mode (mechanical chilling) or 1000 kW dry cooler operation for Free Cooling, and around 320 kW heating capacity for heat generation.

STULZ customer tests – Ensuring high availability and creating transparency

Cape Town, Sao Paulo, Paris, Moscow, London, Shanghai, Dubai, Frankfurt – wherever there are plans for a data center, STULZ is at hand. In the witness test, the desired conditions are simulated live in climatic chambers. Requirements and specific circumstances are considered down to the last detail. Test bench engineers support you in all phases of the performance test – the result is meaningful performance values for our precision air conditioning systems and chillers.

Various test options – all under one roof

Standard test option thanks to conditioning mode

  • Precise testing of liquid and air cooled chillers, evaporators, condensers, air cooling units, heat exchangers and air conditioning units
  • Precise adjustment of air temperature and humidity
  • Simulation of external pressure by butterfly valves
  • Simulation of partial load conditions (variable heat loads)
  • Graphic representation of individual measured values in real time

Cold aisle/hot aisle data center structure for further test options

  • Climatic chamber II is divided into two sections (hot and cold), to separate the air side from the unit blow-out side
  • The air conditioning unit is positioned in a cutout in the cold aisle chamber
  • Simulation of incoming air conditions (heat load, airflow rate, temperature, humidity) in line with requirements, which make up the hot aisle chamber

Testing chillers, heat exchangers and air cooled condensers in environmental simulation mode

  • Environmental simulation mode in climatic chamber I with possible temperatures from -15 °C to +45 °C
  • Maximum available unmeasured airflow rate of 106,000 m3/h
  • Simulation of outdoor environmental conditions