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STULZ X-Shark is the software created by STULZ S.p.A. to help you to select the right chiller of the series:

  • WPA Explorer: multi-scroll  air cooled water chiller (from 160 to 560 kW)
  • WSA Explorer: air cooled water chiller with screw compressors (from 370 to 1260 kW)
  • WSW Explorer: water cooled water chiller with screw compressors (from 230 to 1550 kW)
  • RAW High density: water condensed inrow

Windows 10 users: while installing the software on Windows 10 you may receive an error. To continue just press the "Cancel" button.

To help you using the application, you can download our guide available at THIS LINK

Original file for custom temperature profile HERE